For a long time, since the independence of the country, some highly placed and well-meaning Nigerians identified the need for the creation of a unified body of professionals to render advise to government on national policy issues. On matters of business, commerce, industry and labour, the opinions of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), the Manufacturers Association of Nigerian (MAN) and the National Employers Consultative Association (NECA) are frequently sought by Government before major policy decisions are taken or implementation made. There has been no parallel national body or association embracing various professional organizations in Nigeria, which can be called upon by Government to advise it. Consequently, when policy matters of national importance are to be made, Government either neglects to seek consultations or turns to a few known individuals whose views may not necessarily reflect those of the various Professional Institutions. Yet, we all know that the soundness of a policy depends largely on the quality and integrity of the advice on which it is formulated.

The initiative to bridge this gap brought about the body of Professionals. Hence, the evolution of APBN. The APBN is an umbrella body of recognised professional Institutes, Institutions and Associations promoting a new era of cooperation among professionals in Nigeria.

APBN is set up to speak with one voice on behalf of its member-bodies while at the same time giving professional and proper technical advise to Government on matters affecting the professionals and their practices. It is the apex organization comprising, for now, thirty (30) professional bodies, whose main objective is to provide Nigeria with an effective forum for transmitting to Government the aggregate views of the nations Professionals on matters of public interest which they are competent to express informed and enlightened views. APBN was given official Federal Government recognition as the third leg of the tripod of the Organised Private Sector (OPS) in January, 1992. however, the activities of APBN started far back in 1983. APBN is actively involved in promoting and enhancing the status of professional bodies by ensuring maximal utilization of the talent, skills and knowledge of the Nigerian professionals. APBN believes that human welfare problems are multi-dimensional in nature and for this reason it employs a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. In this regard, APBN discourages traditional professional prejudice, intolerance, and self-centredness.

APBN believes that, in the interest of the wider society, no profession needs to operate in isolation of the other professional bodies and by that very fact advocates frequent interfating and cooperation amongst professions.

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