The following conditions were approved by the Board and the Extra-Ordinary General Assembly meeting of the Association held on November 5, 1993 regarding membership admission which has since been in force.

    1. A professional body recognized by an Act of Parliament or Decree and registered under the companies and Allied Matters Decree No 1 of 1990 is eligible.
    2. Application for membership of the Association shall be made to the Secretary General in writing and in such form containing such information as the Board may from time to time prescribed.
    3. Application for admission to membership of the Association shall be considered by the Board of the Association and the Board shall have full discretion as regards the admission of any professional body to the membership of the Association.
    4. A professional body found qualified and approved by the Board is a member as from the date of approval, by the Board.
    5. Compliance to requirement in section 8 and any other prescribed conditions.
    6. A Member-body of the Association shall cease to be a member if such member-body ceases to be a professional body or Association in the opinion of the Board, provided that the decision to invalidate the membership of a Member-body shall have to be ratified by simple majority of the General Assembly before such invalidation takes effect.
    1. Fully completed Application Form (see Forms B&C attached)
    2. Application must be duly sponsored and endorsed by two (2) Member-Bodies of APBN for consideration